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Email is STILL so this year…

The beauty of email is that it’s accessible 24 hours a day and because of smartphone technology, most performing arts professionals take their work home with them.

As with any form of correspondence, just contacting one person with an email can change your life forever and in many instances, this has happened in the film and theatre world.

In reality of course, far more people have been successful through gaining experience and auditioning consistently for roles within their castability over many years.

Don’t take any chances though, ensure that you’re ready for either eventuality with the help of our professional email databases below.




Looking for new representation? Solve the issue with over 200 reputable UK agencies who look after clients in all areas of the performing arts.

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Casting Directors


Get in front of more than 200 UK based casting directors, constantly on the lookout for people like you in the performing arts industry.

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Pantomime Producers


Ensure you’re working this Christmas with our list of 36 Pantomime producers who are on the lookout for talented performers every year.

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Theatre Companies


Over 215 Theatre Companies who are actively seeking performing artistes for their projects in the UK. Get in touch with them now.

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T.I.E Companies


Grab some valuable performance experience by entertaining the education sector with more than 80 active Theatre-In-Education companies.

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Voice Over Agencies


Got the voice for voiceover? Set the tone with our concise list of 28 voice over agencies, ready to accept your voicereel submissions now.

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